Being CEO and Group president and therefore chairman of the IMPAC Group Board I have reached a new exciting career challenge which undoubtedly is the biggest personal achievement of more than 25 years’ experience within the Energy production and supply market segments.

“I believe that there is a better way to do business and that the world desperately needs the service segment community to adopt it. I also believe that we need to build a more sustainable world for our families and that fulfilling that vision is the most important legacy any one of us could ever hope for”.

With my arrival at the helm of the IMPAC Group this now cements a management team together that rivals those found at our larger competitors, and together with their unique skills and our Geographical Global reach I will help the Group thrive in the face of the new challenges and opportunities which we will confront as our planned growth continues together”.

With the unique cross service lines and lean cost control which is exercised within the IMPAC Group we shall undoubtedly continue to provide our existing and potential clients with competitive and professional market driven services with affordable prices delivering on time on budget and with the expected professional quality, working “Together” with trust, honesty and integrity.

I look forwards to have the opportunity to welcome your Project and esteemed company to the list of satisfied IMPAC Group’s clients.

Raymond Haveron

CEO & Group president