ENERGY & GRID NETWORK Advisory & Consultancy

Drawing on our experience in working with emerging technologies, our energy expertise spans on-shore and off-shore wind power, solar, conventional generation, transmission and distribution, smart grids, and sustainable energy use, as well as energy markets and regulations.

Independent verification and advisory services are offered, inclusive of energy consumption studies, energy audit, conservation recommendations and building systems design for new and retrofit systems, with increased recognition of Renewable Energy as an opportunity for building a greener future, given limited natural resources, inflated energy costs, increasing air pollution and heightened awareness of climate change.

IMPAC Engineers together with world leading consultants and experts, are well versed in consultancy regarding the feasibility studies, location planning, design and commissioning, and implementation of your energy assets.

IMPAC Group’s Energy services include:

  • Renewable Energy Advisory, Technical advisory for development construction and operation of Wind, Solar energy devices and arrays. (Onshore / Offshore)
  • Due Diligence, Economic Feasibility Studies
  • Engineering & Design approval in cooperation with a world leading Authority
  • Testing and laboratory in cooperation with an International Verification body
  • Project Management, Operational Asset Management
  • Identification and provision of the correct Certification and Verification of Wind Turbines & their components
  • Inspection & monitoring, Multi-disciplined Inspection including data collection, sampling and monitoring during all project phases
  • Conventional power generation (Oil, Gas, Coal) maintenance planning, Commissioning or Decommissioning Advisory and services
  • Turbine specialists, Turbine Engineering support and Combustion experts
  • Instrumentation and controller experts/SCADA/DCS Engineers Grid network Advisory and Consultancy services
  • Worldwide Vendor Fabrication monitoring
  • Commissioning or Decommissioning of Wind Farms/Solar Farms - whether for Consultancy or support services
  • Energy Software, including assistance in purchasing applicable Software license and support services (Sales Office)
  • Technical, mandatory or regulatory, and safety training for personnel

Energy efficiency, is the means of using the same amount of energy input to deliver more services (or similarly, using less energy input to deliver the same service), represents as cost effective investment as possible for users while being as sustainable as possible for the community.

Energy optimization or improvement in energy efficiency is key to reducing energy demand, Green House Gas (GHG) emissions, air pollution and related business costs. It is increasingly becoming the primary means to reduce GHG emissions as well as energy savings operation for all kinds of energy intensive industries. In the current and future, the need for energy efficiency is ever increasing.

What we do

Our Energy Efficiency services include:

  • Map energy consumption of your assets, divided into a suitable level of detail
  • Identify energy efficiency measures
  • Calculate potential savings from different proposed measures
  • Develop indicators and procedures for continuously improving energy efficiency

Support implementation of an ISO 50001 compliant approach for managing energy efficiency

  • Support the creation of an energy management plan
What you get
  • Transparent and recognized best practice approach for managing energy efficiency on your installation
  • Optimizing the energy efficiency of your facilities
  • More cost-effective and energy efficient operation
  • Minimized carbon footprint
  • Improved sustainability of your business
How can we help you?

Whether your main concerns are your carbon footprint or the cost of energy, IMPAC can help you map your use of energy and help you find ways of reducing energy consumption and thereby help you become both energy and cost efficient.

IMPAC can help you how to manage and reduce carbon emissions. We follow European and ISO 50001 guidelines to carry out energy consumption mappings and propose suitable improvements – both with regards to systems and procedures for continuously improving energy efficiency, as well as tangible actions or equipment.

  • Technical Advisory
  • Field support and engineering services
  • Installation and commissioning
  • Condition monitoring for Gas and Steam Turbines
  • Failure Analyses and Unit assessments 
  • Advance Turbine control systems 
  • Control Upgrades

IMPAC experts design if requested with the customer tailored courses to ensure that these combine theoretical knowledge with practical training to ensure maximum value and relevance.

  • Turbine basics
  • Major components
  • Auxiliary systems
  • Turbine maintenance
  • Turbine operations
  • An introduction to turbine controls
  • Operating instructions
  • Introduction to software configurations
  • User manuals, maintenance and application manuals
  • Control systems 

Due diligence is an essential requirement when investing, divesting acquiring, or providing project finance to a third party

As a perspective owner or seller you will want and need to know precisely what is the status, condition, of the asset or planned asset and what are the commercial, technical and environmental  (if any) risks are involved. 

IMPAC experts will act as independent consultants, and technical advisors to Investors, Lenders and Owners, to provide you with a final analysis on which can help you increase value, lower Risks and potentially transaction costs. 

IMPAC provide customers with a better understanding of risks and risk mitigations, and help them make potential acquisitions, investments or providing finance decisions with confidence.

Typical services:
  • Project Due Diligence (PDD)
  • Buyer Due Diligence  (BDD)
  • Seller Due Diligence  (SDD)
  • Complete Asset integrity reviews
  • Assessing eventual future decommissioning obligations, costs and risks.