IMPAC stands for Industrial Marine Project Advisory Consultancy.

The IMPAC Group comprises of Independent IMPAC Branded Companies, based in Australia, Indonesia, Korea, India, Thailand, Philippines, Germany, Scandinavia, USA, Hong Kong, Taiwan and Malaysia, that are committed to collaborate and provide professional, multi-disciplinary, transparent, efficient, fully compliant, and cost-effective Advisory and Consultancy services on wide-ranging technical, engineering and assurance requirements, issues or challenges on Industrial and Marine Projects for our national and international customers.

Whether acting independently or in collaboration, IMPAC companies act with honesty and integrity, respecting our clients' interests, preferences and confidentiality, as and when appropriate

By drawing on the comprehensive resources available within the Group, and by fully utilizing our considerable wealth of skills, knowledge, experience and expertise, we can provide a "one stop shop" for thoroughly professional and superior services and solutions that are wholly recognisant and compliant with the appropriate International Standards and/or Statutory or Regulatory Requirements, and which are primarily focused on the design, operation, execution and assurance of Energy and Marine assets across the Asia Pacific region, or more globally, whether for:

• Upstream operations, such as onshore and offshore oil and gas exploration, production and delivery storage
• Midstream operations in import, storage and processing
• Downstream operations and distribution
• Conventional and renewable energy power systems

We believe in continuous improvement in our technology and services to ensure our clients be benefited.