Marine Advisory & Assurance

IMPAC experts can, independently, provide the following marine services to our clients:

IMPAC Marine personnel are extremely experienced, consultants, and in-field experts with a reputation for bringing a practical approach to challenging situations, typically this may include complex transportation operations, rig moving and pilotage, logistics, loss control, safety of operations Advisory Services for Rig moves, float-overs, offshore heavy lifts and operations related to Offshore wind farms and Geotechnical services and much more.

Geo-technical Services

  1. Provision of Geotechnical Engineers and Consultants
  2. Real-time analyses and advisory during soil coring and jack-up rig installation
  3. Leg Penetration Analyses for every type of jack-up rig
  4. Site Specific Engineering Assessments for jack-up rig storm survival capability and drilling modes
  5. Pre-Scour Assessments for projected shallow spud can penetration
  6. Geo-technical Academy Services 

Geo-technical Academy and Awareness Seminars delivering:

  • In-depth understanding of soil characteristics and behaviors.
  • The science and technical applications of soil interpretations.
  • Basic understanding and interpretations of leg penetration analyses and site specific engineering assessments.
  • Practical hands-on advisory with respect to jack-up rig installation challenges in problematic soils

g. Remote real-time rig installation monitoring through application software.

Providing towing vessel operators, Marine Warranty and charterers the assurance, that a nominated towing vessel is complying with current technical norms and industrial standards, fit for purpose and operated by an experienced crew.

The vessel will be surveyed specifically for the intended towing purposes and weather extremes likely to be encountered en route. It will be ensured that towage duties are within the vessel’s limitations and design characteristics.

  • Jack-up rigs, semi-submersibles, tender barges

* Marine Engineering Services  *(complete offerings being updated)

  • Structural Analysis
  • Lifting and lift point analysis
  • Mooring & Riser analysis, (offshore and quayside)
  • Foundation studies and analysis
  • Dry-transportation
  • Sea Fastening

IMPAC Marine consultants can assist investors, oil companies and drilling contractors by ensuring they have the best suitable fabrication facilities and by providing a professional multi skilled team of professionals to ensure and represent clients during the entire construction period: monitoring quality, work scopes, budgets, and expediting schedules.

IMPAC Marine Consultants and engineers can provide:

  • Fabrication site suitability and HSE&Q audits
  • Review basic and detailed project design and applicable documentation
  • Complete fabrication Quality Control from first steel cut, to fabrication and coating
  • E&I (electrical, mechanical and piping installations),
  • Recommend and or assist on the selection of specialized equipment
  • Witnessing acceptance tests and trials
  • Providing regular project reports and updates
  • Documentation control
  • Handling of project documentation until handover.
  • IMPAC has certified Project Managers and complete multi skilled teams of engineers that have been on major construction projects.
  • IMPAC can offer a complete PMC package for small to mid size construction projects and Project management for large and complex constructions.
  • We can provide a single solution and a single point of contact for projects, by delivering identifying, mobilising and managing the necessary competences and technical professional experts and resources required to ensure a smooth and professional execution of all projects undertook.

Our engineers, environmental, cost estimating and risk management consultants can manage challenging decommissioning projects, using the Industries best practice for asset decommission.

  • IMPAC specialists goal is collaborating closely with clients and focussing on their objectives to determine the best and robust solution in the terms of the environment and safety whilst managing the need to reduce costs
  • Our technical specialists can facilitate workshops or attend as independent experts. (Clients who invest time in workshops benefit from enhanced decision-making and a collective understanding as and when the project progresses).

Typical expertise;

  • Strategic planning
  • Engineering Studies
  • Regulatory Compliance cost and Scheduling
  • Provision of qualified marine key personnel, e.g. tow masters, mooring masters, Marine Warranty surveyors. Consultants, Design Engineers, and Multi disciplined Engineers

Please feel free to contact us for more information on our offerings for Marine engineering and the IMPAC Marine Geo-technical Academy.